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Développeur Windforce Games

We have no idea how soccer works. We just want to play it. Come with us and let's have drunk fun with soccer!Key features:  ⋅ Soccer (also called european football)!  ⋅ Solo play against a drunk AI, and local versus!  ⋅ Never, ever, in this ungrateful world, in-app purchases or ads. You buy once, you get the whole deal, including updates and new content!  ⋅ Crazy teams, like Spartans, Zombies or 'murica!  ⋅ Several configurations including acrobatics, tennis ball on a squash field (eh, told you we didn't know a thing about soccer!) and weighed steel ball on the Moon... -wait, what?  ⋅ Two buttons configuration for courageous dudes!  ⋅ Wilford Warfstache, a robot who's a cop and even cacti! -what the hell is happening in this game?!Press! the updates and my other projects at or at @Pampattitude!Gigantic credits to Otto Ojala at for making the inspiring Soccer Physics!Keywords: tipsoccer soccer physics football casual indie game unity unity3d drunk tipsy soccer physics ragdoll 2d